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Communicate Better & Reduce Conflict

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    The 5 Minute Checkin© is so easy, you can even use it with your children! It is simply four questions that you answer in 2 sentences or less. That's right, this is not a time to communicate a novel or dig into your childhood. Each question gets one-two sentences. Talk through all of the questions before you trade places and let the other person go. Want to take it to the next level? Try the 5 Minute Check-in (2.0) Walking Mat. The mat helps you talk out difficult topics that need more processing and time.

Deployment Series

USO Deployment Series

Axis creates Christ-centered resources that are timeless from great thinkers like CS Lewis while keeping our pulse on very relevant shifts in culture. We call this “Culture Translation.” We have three types of resources: written, audio and video.

 Club Beyond staff and volunteers mentor young people and are available to journey with them through the hard challenges of adolescence, providing positive role models and exhibiting Christ-like behavior.

In addition to weekly club meetings, Club Beyond means retreats (usually one per semester), along with special activity nights, lock-ins, ski trips, summer camps and service projects. Club Beyond leaders also offer a weekly Bible study for those students who want to go deeper in their faith.

The Esteem app helps parents of children with emotional, mental, behavioral, and developmental challenges such as stress, ADHD, social and emotional, anxiety, depression, and others.

Meet Sir William!

Our Brave Knights Kit will help your child overcome their fears and help them feel confident and empowered to scare away those monsters who are hiding in their room. Your child will sleep all night in their own bed so you all can get the sleep you desperately deserve.