The "Why" Behind the Lifegiver Clinician Directory?

Because connection is what everyone is looking for

A letter from the Founder

Everyday military and first responder families that tell me how hard it is to find a counselor that understands- and it breaks my heart every time. These families need the very best care out there.   

As a military spouse and clinician who understands the importance of marketing, I faced multiple problems.  Most of us went to school to learn how to help people, not start a business.  So marketing tends to be a challenge while we are also trying to do enough sessions to cover overhead costs. I knew that we needed a way to get our name out there to families – other than cumbersome insurance directories.  Even our websites are ineffective if families can’t find them. Because we move every year and a half, it almost impossible to maintain a career- much less managing licensure portability.  There are so many qualified and culturally competent military spouses that are utilizing telehealth as a way to finally run a business regardless of where they are stationed. I wanted to create a way for others like me.

At the same time, large non-profits and programs kept asking the question…

“Where do we send our families if they need more help than our programs can provide?”

As I was digging through Psychology Today profiles and clinician websites searching for competent clinicians, I immediately understood what these families were feeling.  

To sum it up… The Lifegiver Directory is a solution to ALL of these dilemmas.  

Whether you are a military spouse, veteran, or civilian- this directory was built for you as much as it was built for the service families that use it.

Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC

Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC
Military & FR Clinical Consultant

Military & First Responder Families

Service Families need to connect with providers

Finding high quality help is difficult when you don't know what you are looking for. The Lifegiver Directory makes this step easy. Families looking for hope are able to search for culturally competent providers as well as organizations that support them. Families can search for providers that are military spouses, veterans, first responder spouses, and even search clinicians that take their insurance or provide online care.

Service Organizations

Organizations need to connect families to providers

Non-profits, businesses, and other organizations that work with service families want to be fully focused on programming and services, many of which do not include therapy or intensive treatment. These organizations want to ethically direct service families who need this level of care to competent professionals without changing their programming. By utilizing and referring their families to the Lifegiver Directory, everyone wins.


Providers need to connect with families

Providers rarely get training in business, outreach, and marketing in their degree programs. Finding the clients you are passionate to serve can be challenging. The Lifegiver Directory makes the provider's business visible to service families that trust the process and values of the Lifegiver brand. Lifegiver also partners with larger organizations that work with service families who are always looking to refer to culturally competent providers giving them extra visibility.

Providers need Telehealth to be searchable

Directories, including insurance companies have been trying to figure out a way to make telehealth searchable. Lifegiver understands that telehealth is the modern way to provide services anywhere in the state. Telehealth makes it possible to expand a clinician's practice and for many active duty military spouse clinicians, makes their career portable. The Lifegiver directory not only allows clinicians to categorize as a telehealth provider in their practice listing, telehealth is fully searchable.

Providers need to connect with CEU Opportunities

Continuing education is always a concern for licensed professionals. Lifegiver partners with organizations that offer continuing education and other training that can build the clinician's portfolio and help them carve a more credible niche to treat service families- simply by joining the directory. The Provider Dashboard features service organizations as well as opportunities of interest to clinicians.

So, What is the Lifegiver Directory?

TWO searchable maps that give everyone a chance to find each other...
PLUS.... search for clinicians that are veterans, military spouses, and more.

Maps are free for families and organizations to use.

Clinicians pay a tax deductible yearly fee.

Local Clinician Map

Great for clinicians with a physical office for face-to-face sessions. Telehealth can also be on the map with no physical address.

Telehealth Clinician Map

Great for clinicians who provide only telemental health and do not want an address listed. 

Who is eligible to join?

We take great pride in sending only the best to service families in need.  In order to register as a mental health provider, you must meet the following criteria.


Clinicians with Service Experience

Military & first responder spouses, veterans, first responders, retired military & first responders, chaplains, etc.

Civilian Providers with a passion to serve

Civilians who may not have personal experience in the service lifestyle but have the passion, education, and experience working with service families.

Non-Profit Organizations

Organizations that provide programming to military and first responder families. (FREE) Examples include:

How does it work?

Clinicians who have already joined across the globe.

Hear from service families...

"We live a life where we can’t pretend evil doesn’t exist...where always believing the best in people can lead to my husband never coming home. It changes him which can then lead to fear, anger and bitterness on the spouses part. We wrestle with not fitting in anywhere, feeling like single parents, and shouldering the changes we see in our spouse on our own. This life is isolating and we are guarded to outsiders who don’t seem to get it. We need understanding- not anecdotes by someone who has never faced the ugliness of humanity day in and day out. We need affirmation that we aren’t broken or crazy."
~First Responder Spouse
"We DON'T have support if we don’t go and advocate heavily for it, we’re scared of our husbands superiors, of there being a problem, and of losing everything as a result of his career. Our homes our children’s schools our insurance.... we can lose what little stability we have in life."
~ Military spouse

Current Partners of the Lifegiver Clinician Directory

Want your organization listed?

Please reach out to connect your organization and find out how the directory can be a win-win for everyone involved! Connected organizations are listed on participating clinician dashboards.  Find out more about what these organizations offer for families you serve as well as opportunities they have for building your resume and education.