Why Should You Join the Lifegiver Directory?

Because connection is what everyone is looking for

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Step 1

Who is eligible to join?

We take great pride in highlighting only the best for our service families in need. 

In order to register in the directory, you must be one of the following:

A Clinician with Service Experience

These may be military & first responder spouses, veterans, first responders, retired military & first responders, chaplains, etc. You must hold an active, unrestricted license in one or more states. (Personal connection to the service lifestyle as a serving or supporting spouse.)

A Civilian Provider with a passion to serve

These may be those who may not have personal experience in the service lifestyle but have the passion, education, and experience working with service families. (Proof of at least 3 years experience, prior service listed above, or CEU’s/certifications that show competency, and an active, unrestricted license in one or more states.)


A Non-profit Organization that serves military and/or first responder families

Organizations must be an active 501(c)3 non-profit and can include in their profile clinicians employed with them. Services may include retreats, inpatient/outpatient, or other services that might be beneficial.

Step 2

Register a user account on the Lifegiver Site

By creating an account, you will be able to log in anytime to make edits to your profile, add new listings, and access your Clinician Dashboard.

Step 3

The Clinician Menu

Anytime you are logged in, you can find everything you need under the “GIVE HELLP (CLINICIANS)” tab of the menu.

– Link to add a new profile or franchise to the map

– Link to add to the Telehealth List

– Link to Your Provider Dashboard

– Log out

Step 4

Two places you can list your practice- choose one or both!

List your practice on a searchable map for service families to find.  If you have a practice in more than one location, your can create a main listing and additional “franchises”.  Families will be able to see all of your locations under one profile, but find you on the map in multiple locations.

$10 per year
$5 for each additional franchise

(Free for Non-profit Organizations)

– Create a main listing with the option to add other locations

– Add searchable “tags” like insurance carriers, specialties, etc

– Include searchable categories for your practice like “Military Spouse, Veteran, Faith-Based, etc”.

– Finally put your telehealth practice on a map without giving away your location.

– Have full creative control of your profile including links to websites, images, and even embedded videos

Some clinicians offer only telehealth services and do not want their address listed.  The Lifegiver Clinician Directory offers a separate Telehealth list for those who DO NOT want to be on the searchable map.  

It is highly encouraged that if you offer telehealth services that you list your practice on BOTH directories.  The Directory map provides instructions on how you can put your practice on the map without giving away actual locations.

FREE Profile on the Telehealth List
(no pin on the map)

– Finally a FREE way to list clinicians that are offering telehealth services for specific states.  

– Add searchable tags like insurance carriers, specialties, etc

– Have full creative control of your profile including links to websites, images, and even embedded videos


We’ve got you covered.  Tutorials on how to submit your listing, franchises, and even how to list without an address is available under the “DIRECTORY USERS” tab or right here:

Step 5

Access your Provider Dashboard!

Your Clinician Dashboard will be your one-stop shop for finding and editing listings, adding new franchises if desired, and accessing resources from partnering organizations.  Check back frequently for updates and new opportunities from our partners!

Thank you for your willingness to serve these amazing families who have given so much to our country and communities.  I believe they deserve the very best.  Please reach out with questions or feedback on how we can improve the directory and opportunities to breathe life into your organization or practice!

Corie Weathers, LPC NCC

CEO & Founder of Lifegiver