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How can a book change your life? It’s just a book, right?  What is different about Sacred Spaces is that you get to go on a journey with me.  I reached a point in my own marriage that I was complacent, weary from the chaos of the military lifestyle, and I was afraid to admit that I was resentful in the most selfish way… I was angry that the military experience, including deployment, changed us in ways I didn’t want or like.  

When I had an opportunity to travel with the Secretary of Defense overseas to see deployed troops, I thought it was to document what military families don’t typically get to see.  What I didn’t expect was the gaining the perspective of walking in my husbands shoes or “boots”.  It was there that I unexpectedly saw myself… through his eyes.  

I was going to have to go first if I wanted my marriage to change.  And that is where I invite you to join me in the journey.

What is a Sacred Space?

Sacred spaces are multi-sensory, significant or life-changing experiences. They are set apart from mundane day-to-day moments and hold an important place in the life story of an individual. A sacred space can bond those who share an experience together, or it may cause misunderstand-
ing between those who do not share it.

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Day 1: Turkey

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Day 2: Baghdad

Day 3: Iraq

Day 4: FOB Fenty

Day 5: At Sea

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