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How can a book change your life? It’s just a book, right?  What is different about Sacred Spaces is that you get to go on a journey with me.  I reached a point in my own marriage that I was complacent, weary from the chaos of the military lifestyle, and I was afraid to admit that I was resentful in the most selfish way… I was angry that the military experience, including deployment, changed us in ways I didn’t want or like.  

When I had an opportunity to travel with the Secretary of Defense overseas to see deployed troops, I thought it was to document what military families don’t typically get to see.  What I didn’t expect was the gaining the perspective of walking in my husbands shoes or “boots”.  It was there that I unexpectedly saw myself… through his eyes.  

I was going to have to go first if I wanted my marriage to change.  And that is where I invite you to join me in the journey.

What is a Sacred Space?

Sacred spaces are multi-sensory, significant or life-changing experiences. They are set apart from mundane day-to-day moments and hold an important place in the life story of an individual. A sacred space can bond those who share an experience together, or it may cause misunderstand-
ing between those who do not share it.

Corie Weathers

Author of sacred spaces

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Videos/Vlogs during the trip...

Day 1: Turkey

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Day 2: Baghdad

Day 3: Iraq

Day 4: FOB Fenty

Day 5: At Sea

Supplemental episodes that go with the book

Take your group on a journey

Leading a group can be time consuming and leave you wondering how to keep the group engaged.  If the above resources aren’t enough, below are additional videos you can share throughout the week depending on which chapter you are in. Three years after the book released, I knew it was time to revisit Sacred Spaces again, but this time as a reader, not an author.  These videos were from an online book club I led- complete with Blue Bracelets!