Lifegiver aims to back into military and first responder marriages.

Honest content and connection to those who really care.

Military and first responders put their life on the line for our community and country on a daily basis.  Sacrifice, and the family’s sacrifice, is far more than most people know.  Service families willingly give up the comforts of stability, certainty, safety, and time together.  In today’s culture, it is becoming more popular to “stand behind our troops” than to support the local law enforcement, bringing war into our neighborhoods. 


The Lifegiver Clinician Directory

The all new Lifegiver Clinician’s Directory allows service families to search for mental health clinicians that either have personal experience in the service culture or have a passion to work with you.  

Clinicians are licensed and some of them provide telehealth (online counseling) to your entire state! 


Find the hope you are looking for.

Research on the Service Culture

Participate and read about what others in the military and first responder culture are saying & experiencing.

Quick Links to Books That Will Change your Marriage

Find an easy list of top recommended books & resources that are recommended to grow you and your marriage.

Military Spouse Leadership Development

Find resources to build a solid Careteam, New Military Spouse Dashboard, & Chaplain Spouse Blog

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