Military & First Responder Marriages

You've already given so much. We believe your marriage shouldn't suffer because of it.

Lifegiver aims to breathe life back into your service marriage through real and honest content and counselors who understand your world.

The military & first responder lifestyle is difficult on a family.


Deployments, TDYs, long work shifts, and trainings can make you feel like ships passing in the night. After a while, many couples feel like they are living separate lives.


Relocations, surprise or changing orders and shift changes will make any sane person feel mad. Exhaustion and resentment from constant adjustments can wear on any marriage.


There are so many unknowns in the service lifestyle- fear for your service spouse's safety, not being able to plan anything as a family. Anxiety and feeling out of control can weigh heavily on a marriage.

Separate Experiences

Many couples describe living separate lives with no way to intersect or explain them in a way their spouse can fully empathize. Some of those experiences are life changing. Here at Lifegiver, we call those Sacred Spaces...

You don't have to feel like strangers in your marriage. Lifegiver gives you many levels of support.

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