Lifegiver Season 4

Seeking Counseling: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to take some notes!! This episode is LONG overdue and chock full of so much information.

I get asked weekly, “How do I find a clinician?” “What do I search for?” “How will I know if they are a good fit?” For years I dug into Psychology Profiles and even websites looking for clinicians that were not only competent, but understood the service lifestyle. This year, I launched the Lifegiver Clinician Directory – the first ever searchable directory and database of clinicians that have a passion to serve you. Some of them are even first responders, spouses, and veterans!

Now you can find someone using the map or search fields to find the kind of provider that works for your family!

In this episode I also cover:

  • How to know if you need counseling
  • The difference between a counselor, psychiatrist, and psychologist
  • The different types of counseling and treatments
  • My experience with EMDR
  • What I look for in a clinician
  • How to handle your counseling relationship when it doesn’t feel like a good fit

Stay tuned, Season 4 is coming to a close soon. Listen in as I talk about the vision for Season 5!!!