Kellie Artis
Lifegiver Season 5

S5E8: Kellie Artis with Moving the MILLIE Way

It is PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Season and if you listened to season 4 of Lifegiver, you know I struggle when it is time to uproot!  MILLIE has been growing over the years in their efforts to make it easier for you to transition, and I need a whole lot of that!  In this episode, Kellie Artis joins me to share not only how MILLIE can connect you to other service families in your new location, but how you can be fully prepared in finding housing, handling logistics, and more.  We even talk about the emotional and psychological impact of starting over.  Don’t miss this one! For more on MILLIE: check out their website, Facebook group, and all their toolkits to help you in the process!