Lifegiver Season 5

S5 Ep16 Parenting Series: Even the Bravest Kids Need a Knight

Sleep issues and separation anxiety are a real thing for so many parents.  With today’s anxiety and fear during COVID and back to school criteria, children’s fears can manifest at night leaving you frustrated, exhausted and hopeless. Without a good night’s sleep, you and your children will struggle to function.  In this episode, I talk with Colleen, a dedicated spouse of a veteran and mom of three boys with a master’s degree in psychology. After years of sleep deprivation and exhaustion with her own son, Colleen was inspired to write her first book about a magical knight- a bear that was determined to protect children from their fears. She wanted to help other moms and young children which led to the creation of Sir William the Brave Knight.

Listen in as she shares her story, hope for yours and some ways you can find your own peace and courage to help your children whatever they might be facing.

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Music by Rudy Vaughn