Lifegiver Season 5

S5 Ep15 Parenting Series: A New Way To Track Your Child’s ‘ESTEEM’

“Few things are as difficult for parents as watching their kids struggle. It’s especially hard not knowing how to help them!”

 Now more than ever, mental health and behavioral issues are climbing which can be pretty scary as a parent. Many military and first responder families take the leap to get help from their child only to have to move or start over.  Do you ever feel like you are wasting precious time waiting for all of them to communicate and start making progress? How many times has your child acted out on a weekend and you wish the professional could have seen it themselves but they aren’t open until Monday?  Meet Tommy Black. He’s a clinician that teamed up with some other really cool professionals that made an app to get your child’s wellness back into your hands again. ESTEEM is an app that helps parents track their child’s emotional and behavioral challenges.  Complete with resources, tracking software, and more, you can have complete control of your child’s healthcare at your fingertips.  Receive automated goals that encourage progress. Celebrate small wins that add up to big improvements! ESTEEM also makes it super easy to have teachers, counselors, and any other other professionals share important information about how your child is doing in one place so you can make the best decision for your child. Join us as we talk about why he created the app as well as some really encouraging words about how you can parent through the COVID crisis.  You will love this interview!

Download the ESTEEM App today: https://www.chooseesteem.com/

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