Lifegiver Season 5

S5 E21: S5 E21 A CURE to the Habit Cough: The Weinberger Method

What if I told you I found the cure for the common cough?  Well, it actually wasn’t me, but after our son fought an “Asthmatic cough” for four years we finally came across Dr. Weinberger and the “Habit Cough”.  Joining me for this episode is Dennis Buettner, a Cough Research Director for Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. and a veteran that works with NASA. Dennis’s daughter Bethany went through the same thing our son did- coughing up to 5,000 times a day with no answers. Like many of you out there who are trying to find answers, both of our families went through endless doctors, diagnoses, and medications before doctors finally threw up their hands with nothing left to offer. 

Dennis finally stumbled on some research about a pulmonologist who found the cure for the cough through suggestive therapy- teaching kids to be attentive to their bodies and stopping the cough in as little as 10 minutes! Bethany was able to stop her cough, so was our son, and now Dennis is spreading the word about how if you or someone you know can answer one question of his- you can stop the cough too.

Seriously, Dr Weinberger has changed our lives. More importantly, he gave my son back his.
For more on Dr. Weinberger and the Habit Cough: https://www.habitcough.com/

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Music by Rudy Vaughn