Lifegiver Season 5

S5 E20 The Fear of Transition: Derek Abbey Pt 2

Derek Abbey, PhD joins me again!  I enjoyed my last conversation so much with Derek, I invited him back to share his research on transitioning into the veteran space. Derek says that there are important stages we should all go through in order to help us mature as well-functioning adults. The military sets the perfect conditions by providing almost everything we need as adults. It provides community, a way to progress through rank and accomplishment, and makes many of our decisions for us. 

Although the military “saved his life”, Derek shares what he has learned from helping veterans take the next big step in their lives in higher education and helping veterans take the next big step in their lives. The result was a fascinating conversation on what we all need to do to evolve to a better version of ourselves. 

Derek Abbey, PhD is a retired Marine and CEO of  Project Recover.

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Music by Rudy Vaughn