Lifegiver Season 2

My Confession

I recently put out a survey and asked for your feedback on what you have enjoyed from the Lifegiver Podcast and what you would like to hear more of. Overwhelmingly, many said they enjoy hearing real content and me opening up a little more. In this episode, I get very real and share with you the 5 biggest lessons I learned this year. I can tell you that this year was a massive character overhaul for me. I had those in my most inner circle praying for me during times that I felt that I was having to find strength to overcome insecurity and develop the courage and confidence to complete the task in front of me. So in this episode, I open up and talk about what that was like for me and the lessons I learned. I firmly believe these are lessons that all of us need to learn at some point. You will also hear about what the year ahead looks like and how you can join me in making our marriages great.