Lifegiver Season 2

The Conflict of Money

The top three conflicts that couples come into counseling for involve sex, family, and money. Getting on the same page with our spouse when it comes to spending and saving money is not easy. Many couples find themselves in debt due to student loans, multiple relocations, and as Dave Ramsey calls them stupid-tax decisions (spending choices we make and regret). In this interview on Lifegiver and I am thrilled to have William (Bill) Lockard with 227 Financial Coaching join me in a fantastic discussion on how money impacts our relationships. Bill is a retired Army Officer that experienced the stress of debt in his own life. In this interview he shares his story of how he and his wife changed their perspective on money which set them up for success in their future. As the head coach of 227 Financial Coaching, his passion now is to bring that hope to other families. Listen now to my interview with Bill Lockard as he shares wisdom on financial topics that trip up many couples including: What do I do if my spouse doesn’t want to change money habits? How can I get through a PCS (relocation) without going further into debt? How can I plan for retirement/transitioning out of the military? How can young families start now to make wise financial decisions? More on Bill Lockard and 227 Financial Coaching: Bill Lockard is a retired Lieutenant Colonel who served in the Army on active duty for 21 years. He fought in Operation Desert Storm and commanded a howitzer battery while deployed to Bosnia. He deployed to Baghdad as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and several times to Kuwait and Egypt. He holds master degrees in Public Administration and Managerial Science. After retiring, Bill followed his passion to help military families by becoming a trained Financial Coach. He works one on one with service members and their families to pay off their debt and build wealth. Bill is the head coach at 227 Financial Coaching where he reminds people according to Proverbs 22:7 “The borrower is the slave to the lender”. Don’t be a slave! www.financial227support.com