Lifegiver Season 5

Bonus: Matt and Corie Join the USO to Answer Your Marriage Questions

The world looks a whole lot different lately.  COVID-19 has the entire world on lockdown (or so it feels).  We are all doing our part to stay at home, some of you have PCS and deployment orders that are delayed.  Regardless of your situation, this has a great impact on your marriage.  You might be spending more time with your spouse than ever before and that can definitely cause tension.  In this episode, Matt and I share our conversation with the USO during their Coffee Connections Live event.  We answered questions about communication, growth in your marriage, holding each other accountable, as well as how to help your spouse open up. If you are looking for more support, check out the USO for not only ways to give back, but for how they are also looking to invest in your overall wellbeing with their programming for spouses!

Here are a few of the resources mentioned:



Favorite Resources: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Kl4WnHjnhUerU1cOc58nb3tHF7Ru8Tm/view?usp=sharing

Sacred Spaces: https://www.life-giver.org/sacred-spaces/

Forgiveness: https://www.life-giver.org/forgiveness-in-affair-recovery-gods-design-in-marriage/