Lifegiver Season 4

Forgiveness in Affair Recovery: God’s Design in Marriage

In this Sunday Special, we address the biggest faith question I get during affair recovery, which is how and when do I forgive? Of course this is a difficult question to answer depending on the damage that has been done. Join me as I walk with you through scripture that gives us a blueprint for forgiveness and hope for restoration. I address:

  1. God’s purpose and design for marriage
  2. How and why the enemy wants to destroy your marriage
  3. What Jesus says about when to forgive, and
  4. How we are not called to repeatedly forgive without boundaries

Sunday Specials on the Lifegiver Podcast are a chance for us to dive deeper into honest conversations regarding our faith and topics that come up in our marriage. In the last episode of the Lifegiver Podcast, I shared with you my strategy for affair recovery. If you haven’t heard that episode, listen to it here: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-5jwg4-b63b20