Lifegiver Season 4

Who’s Really in Charge? Sunday Special Season 4 Finale

We are celebrating the end of Season 4 with a big question that likely everyone has asked: “Who is really in charge?” Is it man? Is it God? When does God get in involved? Why doesn’t he?

Perhaps you are waiting on orders to your next assignment (like we are) and wondering if the people involved are listening to God. Or maybe you are praying for a promotion or for your spouse to turn back to God. Some of you may have even experienced abuse at the hands of someone else and are wondering, “Why didn’t God intervene?”

In this Sunday Special, I open up on my own journey to look into the sovereignty of God and tackle these big questions by diving into what scripture says about it.

Thank you for a fantastic Season 4!

Included in this episode: A portion of James Corden’s “The Late Late Show.” To listen to the full video, watch here:

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