Lifegiver Season 6

S6 Bonus: USO Series Ripping the Band-Aid

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie and Matt Weathers on how military families can stay strong while apart. Corie and Matt Weathers will share how they are keeping their military marriage strong through a season apart – as well as tips for how you can do the same.

Tools and concepts discussed during the series apply to all types of military-initiated separations; from deployments and trainings, to geo-bachelor tours, unaccompanied tours, and even third shift schedules.

This episode talks about the feelings that come with having to say goodbye.  Everyone knows it is hard, but what if you feel a little bit of relief?  Is that wrong?  How do you set your sights forward and get on mission?  Plus a special guest joins in the discussion…

To access the Series dashboard, including the videos and handouts: https://www.uso.org/campaign/mvp-youre-leaving-again

Part 1:

Part 2:

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