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An interview with Patty Barron, our Military Spouse Mom

Being a military family is tough.  There are not only significant challenges, but endless resources out there to help you.  How do you know who to go to?  Who is standing up for the needs we have?  Is anyone in the upper echelons paying attention?

If you are an ARMY family, then I have a special treat for you.  You may not be aware that there is an Assocation just for the Army that is looking into all of this and more.  AUSA (The Association of the United States Army) is an association that is lobbying for issues that are important to your family, talking to experts who know the research on what our families need, as well as listening to our needs and trying to address them on a national level and a local level.  That may sound like a bunch of stuff that is not in your lane, but the gist of it is- someone cares about you and your family, and wants you to succeed.  Even more than that

Someone is listening…

Today, I have a beautiful interview with Patty Barron, the Family Readiness Director of AUSA.  She is our mother hen in the military spouse world.  She has been to almost every event I have ever been to- listening to what we are saying and working hard to find answers. In this interview, Patty talks about the AUSA Annual Conference and how you can participate as a family as well as what the  AUSA Family Readiness side of things has for you.

Watch here:

Patty talks about:

Family Readiness Spouse Forums:  Webinars on topics that families have requested help on that you can participate in live or watch them at your convenience.

Learning & Leaning In: Military Spouse Led Non Profits Supporting One Anotherhttps://www.ausa.org/news/live-stream-military-spouse-led-nonprofits-supporting-one-another

Update on Military Kids: Annual AUSA Family Forum: https://www.ausa.org/events/ausa-annual-meeting-exposition/sessions/mff1-update-military-kids-how-are-they-doing-what-do

PREPARING FOR A LIFE IN OR OUTSIDE THE ARMY THROUGH FINANCIAL READINESS, MILITARY SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: https://www.ausa.org/events/ausa-annual-meeting-exposition/sessions/mffii-preparing-life-or-outside-army-through

A Town Hall with Senior Army Leaders: https://www.dvidshub.net/video/486130/ausa-2016-family-forum-3

Local AUSA Chapters in your community.  www.ausa.org

The future of AUSA:
Patty wants to hear from you!  What are your needs an concerns as a military family?  She is willing to pull together resources and experts to answer the big questions that you have.  How would you most like to receive answers to your questions?  Webinars? Podcasts?  Emails?

Our culture tends to struggle, isolated, in their homes not realizing there are answers and help right in front of them.   AUSA is one you definitely need to know about and get involved with!