Month: March 2019

9 Months into the Adventure

By Mishi Harari It’s been nine months. Nine wholesome, challenging, rewarding, frightening, and exhilarating months. The months that have gone by have proven so much to me. They have provided me with great opportunities to bolster my faith in Gd

Sunday Special: Embrace Your Story

It’s time for the very first Lifegiver Sunday Special.  I received feedback that some of you would like faith based content AND hearing from Matt- so this episode is the both of us giving a talk at our old stomping

S4 Ep2 A First Responder/Military Spouse Roundtable

What happens when a veteran, a military spouse, and a first responder spouse sit down and talk about life together?   I often get asked, do we really have that much in common?  Why would I have a podcast where I

On Loneliness, Grit, and the Hard Work of Building Community

By Sarah Sandifer I shouldn’t have been surprised, really, when we got all of our boxes unpacked, and instead of putting them out on the curb with a “free” sign on them as we had said we were going to

Military Kid Ambassadors

It’s tough being a military kid, especially if you have to move around a lot.  Military Kid Ambassadors (MKA) is a campaign designed to encourage military kids to be proud of who they are and step into leadership.  Often not