The First Responder Series with Sarah Foster

Lifegiver presents The First Responder Series Sarah Foster, wife of a SWAT team officer, takes over the Lifegiver Podcast to present a series that covers the complexities of the first responder lifestyle.   AboutSarah Introducing the Series Sarah Foster is a

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Provider Dashboard Below are service organizations that count on the Lifegiver Directory for referrals or have created opportunities for clinicians like you to get involved, gain CEU’s and more. Did you open a new location? Click “Add a Franchise” If

Sacred Spaces Book Club

Introducing the Sacred Spaces Book Club !!! No matter where you are, where you have moved to, or where in the world you are serving, you read through Sacred Spaces in a way that will change your life.  More than

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Military Kid Ambassadors

It’s tough being a military kid, especially if you have to move around a lot.  Military Kid Ambassadors (MKA) is a campaign designed to encourage military kids to be proud of who they are and step into leadership.  Often not

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There is great research being done on how military and first responder families are doing, but I’m more interested in the stuff that you don’t say out loud. I’m interested in the state of your heart. Knowing how our community

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Online Strengths Coaching Very different from counseling in that it is a quick solution focused approach to life/adjustment issues and does not provide therapeutic treatment or diagnosing. Coaching is strengths based is perfect for the following topics: Those who feel

Submit Your Own Lifegiver Story

Testimony is a powerful concept. It combines sharing the difficult parts of our story with how good has come out of it. It doesn’t always imply there is full healing. It will always be a chapter in our story- but

Care Team

Developing a Care Team can be a daunting task. There is a reason why the Army doesn’t give us details, SOP’s, and a cookie cutter approach to building a CareTeam. Every battalion, squadron, brigade, and troop has a different personality. 

Chaplain Spouse Research

  The Story Behind the Survey In 2010, I came across a research dissertation called “The Military Experience: Perceptions from Senior Military Officers’ Wives” by Dr. Henrietta McGowen1 that found a correlation between increased symptoms of isolation and depression in spouses as


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