Enliven Marriage

en·liv·en: (verb)

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en·liv·en: (verb)

To give life or spirit to; to revive or animate; To make more lively, cheerful or interesting

ENLIVEN is a 12 week marriage study that progressively deepens while it restores your relationship. It is designed for anyone, military or civilian, individuals or couples, and even great for small groups.

Our biggest desire is to see you succeed individually, contribute to your family, and make it healthy and connected. So we decided to write a complete marriage study, written specifically for you...

Definitively, ENLIVEN implies life. In order for life to thrive, it requires nourishment and patience. Using the metaphor of a life-giving, life-producing tree, we focus on three levels of investment: the branches, the trunk and the root system. In our own life, if we are not rooted in truth, we are rooted in lies- either of which will play itself out in the health of the rest of the tree.


To complete a well-balanced program of enriching your marriage, we created an optional supplement called ENLIVENFaith. Couples will have the opportunity to take the topic deeper by seeing it rooted in scripture and applied to their relationship with God. We believe all truth originates from the Creator God and that life changes must begin there to be uprooted causing lasting hope.


Each week, go to the week you are on. Read the introduction. If you are on a desktop, you can open the fillable PDF you can download, save, and even email (if needed to your spouse). If you are on your mobile device, you have the option to use the “Fillable Notes” version that will let you answer questions right in the app. If you are printing out worksheets, you may wish to keep a binder that you can print out your completed work as we will be periodically asking you to look back on answers from previous weeks for reflection, so having easy access to those will help. We encourage you to begin with Week 1: Introduction and go in order. Each week offers three levels of intensity (Branch out, Strengthen the Trunk, and Rooted in Truth). You will also see it referenced as ENGAGE, ENRICH, EXPLORE. Complete the assignment according to the level you feel most comfortable with. At the end of each study, there will be a challenge for that week.


Study time may take between 15-30 minutes to complete. Because this is a marriage study, we encourage you to talk over answers to study questions with your spouse.

Make sure you read through each of the following:

We hope you will experience the re-awakening of your marriage!

The Mission and Vision behind ENLIVEN


The Epilogue & Week 1