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Spilled Milk (& Kix)

By L.G. McCary   As a military spouse, I hear others complain about all the things that go wrong when their spouses are away. ER visits. Plumbing leaks. Car problems. Lost pets. Meteor strikes. But I’m going to complain for a moment about all those other things that happen.   For

White Picket Fences

by L.G. McCary   I don’t know if you’ve checked Instagram or Pinterest recently, but it appears that everyone has got this parenting thing figured out. You can barely scroll without a post about a fancy holiday dinner with extended family or video of Daddy coaching a soccer game. Blog

Humble Pie

by Andrea M   I love those moments when I turn on my inner Angela Lansbury (I think I just dated myself) and ask my husband if he’s been snacking instead of eating a real lunch because after two days all the granola bars have magically disappeared. Every time, even

Law of Natural Convergences

by Rebekah Cochell   If I ever become famous, it will not be for my art, or my writing, or any other “work” I do. I am convinced my distinction will be from a scientific law I discovered. And as of right now, I find no evidence anyone has discovered

Left Behind During Deployment

by Rebekah Cochell Left behind. That’s how I feel sometimes. And not in a “left behind after the rapture” type of way. This is a left behind out of the action, adventure, and glory. When my husband goes off to war, my only battle seems to be against my own

Facing the Unexpected

by Andrea M Never in my life did I imagine that I would become a military spouse. When I was younger, I thought certain people were made for things like this and I was certainly not one of them. My husband joined the U.S. Army Reserves as a chaplain in

9 Months into the Adventure

By Mishi Harari It’s been nine months. Nine wholesome, challenging, rewarding, frightening, and exhilarating months. The months that have gone by have proven so much to me. They have provided me with great opportunities to bolster my faith in Gd and to open myself up to those around me who

On Loneliness, Grit, and the Hard Work of Building Community

By Sarah Sandifer I shouldn’t have been surprised, really, when we got all of our boxes unpacked, and instead of putting them out on the curb with a “free” sign on them as we had said we were going to do, Lane hauled them up to our attic with a

Connecting the Dots

By Cindy S. (previously published) Sometimes I have a hard time connecting my daily ministry tasks to what God is doing in the lives of the people I serve and work with. Sometimes it feels like a lot of squeezing for a little bit of juice! But this summer, God allowed

Deciding to Leave Active Duty

By Kristin T In February of 2012 I welcomed my husband home from his second tour in Afghanistan. I couldn’t have told you anything about Super Bowl that Sunday, but the energy inside that Fort Campbell hanger was tangible with a certain mix of nervous energy, sheer exhaustion, and impatient

ALONE: A Chaplain Spouse Perspective

By Anonymous When my husband came home to tell me he had received orders for a year-long unaccompanied tour to Korea, I remember thinking how different life would be. I didn’t expect just how different. He had only been an active duty chaplain for three years and we were still

The Hello-Goodbye Continuum

By L.G. McCary Making friends isn’t the simplest thing for me. I have a quirky sense of humor influenced by British sitcoms, Shakespeare, Calvin and Hobbes, and my dad’s affinity for puppets. I contemplate the zombie apocalypse on a regular basis. I repeat the phrase, “I read an article the

Calling for Chaplain Spouse Contributors!

Are you a chaplain spouse? Do you love to write or is it something you’ve been interested in? Read on, my friend… A few years ago, I came across a dissertation paper that was studying officers’ spouses. The study found that as the service member was promoted in rank (and

A Glimpse into the Life of a Chaplain Spouse

by Dinah D. Our family recently PCSed. This, of course, brings a lot of changes and stress. Honestly, it is incredibly overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. Especially the emotional part. I am an advocate for military families and I had spent the past five years of my life fighting and

The Worst Chaplain Spouse Ever?

By Rebekah C I have considered writing a blunt and honest blog for quite a while. I thought about calling it, “The Worst Chaplain Spouse Ever.” (Hey, there is a “Very Worst Missionary” blog out there and people seem to respond to her candidness.) But I’m not sure just how