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Testimony is a powerful concept. It combines sharing the difficult parts of our story with how good has come out of it. It doesn’t always imply there is full healing. It will always be a chapter in our story- but it does begin the process of bringing purpose to what once seemed to have none. Below are a few tips that will help you tell your story. You can submit a written story and even send a video.

In order for stories to be accepted and published, your story must have the following elements:

1. Your story does not include graphic details that would make the reader uncomfortable. These details are not necessary for the world to hear. Share your story in only as much detail is necessary to get the message across.

2. You have permission from your spouse to share your story and it does not contain content that could cause public or professional harm to your spouse and marriage. Stories should share an equally affirming light on your spouse. Remember- praising your spouse in public is just as powerful as praising in private.

3. Hope. This is what the reader desperately needs. Make sure that by the end of your story, it encourages the reader to look for hope in their own circumstances if it relates to yours.

Are you ready? Here are a few tips:

1. Be authentic. Be real and vulnerable. Again, this does not mean including graphic details. It means that you admit to struggle and are human. This is what our world needs a whole lot more of- permission to be imperfect.

2. If you are writing it, try to share only a chapter- so aim for no more than 2000 words. You don’t want to lose your reader. Aim for thirds- Part one is what led up to the problem, part two is the difficult part of your story where you lost hope, and part three is where you found it again (and how!)

3. TELL your story instead by submitting a video! If you would rather “tell” your story, this is even better and gives others a multi-sensory way of listening to your story filled with inflection in your voice and a face to put it to. Record a video with your phone by facing a window and putting your phone between you and the window. The natural light will shine on your face and window is out of the picture. Aim for about 20 minutes paying attention again to the 3 parts listed in #2. DO NOT READ your story. TELL your story. Reading comes across as inauthentic. Even better if your spouse is there to tell your story with you!

Simply upload your story by clicking here and I will let you know if and when it is published! Who knows… you might even get invited on the Lifegiver Podcast to share your story there!

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*I reserve the right to not publish stories that are not in line with the values of Corie Weathers, LLC and the Lifegiver Podcast. All content published is owned by Corie Weathers, LLC to be shared and used to encourage others. Submitting your story does not guarantee that it will be published by Corie Weathers, LLC.