Sacred Spaces- Book Order

Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage

What better way to gift a military or first responder couple than to give them a way build a stronger marriage?

  • One autographed copy of Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage written by Corie Weathers, LPC.  It is a book that has moved both military and first responder marriages into action by taking the reader on a journey with author Corie Weathers as she travels overseas in a rare opportunity to see deployment conditions and save her own marriage in the process.  Readers will laugh, cry, and see their own marriage on every page as they are reminded of the opportunity to pursue their marriage.
  • A Sacred Spaces Marriage Challenge Commitment Card.  Instead of just reading the story, play an active role by committing to one act of kindness each day while reading the book (or select your own length of challenge).
  • A letter from Corie Weathers, welcoming the reader to the marriage challenge, with examples of acts of kindness to consider.
  • A blue paracord bracelet.  Hundreds if not thousands have taken the Sacred Spaces marriage challenge and use the blue paracord bracelet as a daily reminder of their commitment to the challenge.

For special requests, please email corie@life-giver.org



The meaning behind the stones...

The Lifegiver bracelet keeps with the same blue color theme, but adds two Rose Quartz stones that symbolize two unfinished souls that are challenged to forgive, open their hearts, heal emotional wounds and establish peace. Wear it as an everyday reminder that you have more influence than you think to change the course of your marriage.

Take your marriage to the next level...

The Lifegiver Blue Bracelet

by Charlie Madison