Lifegiver Season 4

S4 Ep 3 OPSEC: Keeping your Family and Mission Safe

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Safety and security is more important than ever.  In a time where foreign adversaries are actively targeting and using American social media accounts, we need all the help we can get to keep our family and mission safe.  In this episode, I bring in my good friend, OPSEC Alex (Alexandra Panaretos) to give us practical advice and tips on personal and operation security.  I met Alex in 2015 at the AFI Military Spouse of the Year Awards where we discovered many military spouses, now in the public eye, were targeted by adversaries and being investigated by the FBI.  This hit home for so many of us and we realized it was time to take our personal information, including information on our family, seriously.

Alex, a former military spouse herself, has made it her mission to educate military families and businesses on digital and personal safety.  This episode may be tough to hear, but it is absolutely imperative to share with your friends and family, as well as the military families you serve with.

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