Sara Shuck, M.S., LPC, LCDC, CFRC, CCTAP


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  • Lacey Todd

    Sara is a phenomenal counselor. She has worked with various populations and is diligent in helping her clients reach their goals. She focuses on the needs of the individual and utilizes an approach that works best for each client. Sara practices from a trauma-informed approach and is an example of someone with a non-bendable ethical code.

  • Jeremy Glosser

    Sara is an excellent therapist as well as a wonderful person and these qualities shine through in her dedication and unwavering commitment to her clients, as well as all the populations she works with and helps to produce and promote positive change and better functioning and healing. She is a highly skilled clinician and someone who has the level of experience and depth of clinical training, to help so many with PTSD and trauma, as well as depression and anxiety.

    As a colleague and fellow licensed therapist, Sara and I have worked together for many years at a Denton-based MH outpatient clinic, in which we co-facilitated weekly CBT therapy process groups. I’ve had the pleasure and real honor of working in tandem with Sara, as well as witnessing her superb clinical abilities and seeing the genuine compassion and empathy she has for all her clients and through this process, the positive results clients have achieved because of her role in their healing journey and recovery.

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