Why Partner with the Lifegiver Directory?

Because connection is what everyone is looking for

Your Organization Can Only Do So Much...

Your organization is doing awesome things for service families…

but your programming doesn’t include mental health care or intensive help for families that need it. 

No one organization can meet the entire needs that an individual, couple, or family has- especially service families. Your team may not have the time or experience to scour through endless websites looking for culturally competent clinicians when you want to make a referral.

This is the reason the Lifegiver Clinician Directory was created. 

The solution is easy… service families are looking for clinicians, organizations are looking for clinicians, and clinicians are wanting to serve families. The Lifegiver Clinician Directory takes care of all of that.

What does a partnership look like?

  1.  Register for an account on the Lifegiver site.

  2. Enter your practice information including your bio and contact information.  The directory even allows you to embed videos and upload photos that highlight your practice.  

  3. Select searchable categories and include tags like specialties of insurance carriers you work with.

  4. Work in two or more locations?  The Lifegiver Directory calls that a “franchise”- after your initial listing, you can add “franchises” that connect the two together.

  5. Provide telehealth?  Include that as a searchable category and then sign up to be on the FREE Telehealth provider list.

  6. Service families and organizations then utilize the directory to send families your way!

Clinicians who have already joined across the United States

Service Families

Military and first responder families are under an immense amount of pressure. Finding high quality help is difficult when you don't know what you are looking for. The Lifegiver Directory makes this step easy. Families looking for hope are able to search for culturally competent clinicians easily as well as organizations that support them. Families can search for providers that are military spouses, veterans, first responder spouses, and even by insurance.


Clinicians rarely get training in business, outreach, and marketing in their degree programs. Finding the clients you are passionate to serve can be challenging. The Lifegiver Directory makes the clinician's practice visible to service families that trust the process and values of the Lifegiver brand. Lifegiver also partners with larger organizations that work with service families who are always looking to refer to culturally competent providers giving them extra visibility.

Service Organizations

Non-profits, businesses, and other organizations that work with service families want to be fully focused on programming and services, many of which do not include therapy or intensive treatment. These organizations want to ethically direct service families who need this level of care to competent professionals without changing their programming. By utilizing and referring their families to the Lifegiver Directory, everyone wins.

Opportunities for Growth

Continuing education is always a concern for licensed professionals. Lifegiver partners with organizations that offer continuing education and other training that can build the clinician's portfolio and help them carve a more credible niche to treat service families- simply by joining the directory. The Clinician Dashboard features service organizations as well as opportunities of interest to clinicians.

Telehealth is now searchable

Directories, including insurance companies have been trying to figure out a way to make telehealth searchable. Lifegiver understands that telehealth is the modern way to provide services anywhere in the state. Telehealth makes it possible to expand a clinician's practice and for many active duty military spouse clinicians, makes their career portable. The Lifegiver directory not only allows clinicians to categorize as a telehealth provider in their practice listing, it provides an additional FREE Telehealth list for providers to be listed.