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On Becoming a Lifegiving Woman

Have you ever met a woman who was gentle, warm, inviting, and peaceful.  One whom you walked into her presence and melted?  I read a book a while back called “Lifegiving” by Tammy Maltby.  It’s hard to find now, only on Amazon, but if you are looking for a book to read, this one is it!  Striving for balance as a wife, mother, professional, and follower of God is something I think we will all struggle with until Jesus takes us home.  Tammy Maltby describes this kind of woman a “lifegiver.”  I wanted to share with you an excerpt that I often read at our marriage retreats because it perfectly describes the kind of woman I want to be.  I have renamed this blog “Lifegiver” because I desperately want to invite other women to be real, while helping inspire life in each other.  Enjoy…

“What does a lifegiving woman look like?”

Several weeks ago I entered a place and was immediately met with the warmth of a lifegiving woman.  There was ease about her, a quiet confidence and an undeniable inner strength.  Many others were there when I arrived, greeting and sharing with one another.  Some even extended a thoughtful welcome.  But when this lifegiving woman reached out, I was deeply touched.  She embraced my heart; she lifted my spirit and refreshed me.  There was tangible love, enthusiastic energy, passion, and grace in her presence.  As I moved past her, I realized I felt nurtured, cared for, and valued.  It was as if I had strolled past a lovely garden.  I longed to linger in the presence of this woman who knew the secret of lifegiving, to breathe in the sweet fragrance of such simple yet transforming beauty.  In a brief encounter, she gave me life.

How will you know when you’ve met a lifegiving woman?

Well, it goes something like this.

When she speaks, you do not go away licking your wounds from a hurtful word.  Instead, even her everyday words seem to be infused with lifegiving power and encouragement.

When she does a good deed, you do not feel the heavy weight of obligation to return the favor.  Instead, you are inspired to do something lovely in return.

When she is with you, you never feel a cold shoulder, because she brings warmth and acceptance into your life.

When you go to her home for a meal, you don’t feel impressed by the expensive decor (even if she does have a big budget!).  Instead, you feel the warmth of her home and the comfort of the beauty you find there.

When you are around her, you don’t feel overwhelmed by who she is.  Instead, you feel inspired to be who you were meant to be.

When you walk away from her, you don’t feel discouraged by her accomplishments compared to yours.  Instead, you walk away motivated to do what you never thought possible.

Do you know a lifegiving woman?

If you do, then you understand that she has brought love and warmth into your life.  She has inspired you to do what you never thought possible.  She has encouraged you to reach out and take risks.  She has refreshed you with the living water when the well of your life has run dry.  I know when I have been with a lifegiving woman, because whether she has shared a word or a deed, I am helped, encouraged, and deeply inspired.”