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The Lifegiver Clinic

The Lifegiver Clinic is a group of clinicians and coaches that are culturally competent to treat military and first responder families with mild to moderate individual and family concerns.

Our clinicians and coaches are military spouses- so they truly understand the service lifestyle. We understand the complexity of the service lifestyle, so our programming is designed to be completely virtual. This allows families to connect from anywhere in the world and get the help they need.

Lifegiver Clinic Services

Individual Coaching

Most individuals prefer this over counseling in that this is a quick solution-focused approach to life/adjustment issues and does not provide therapeutic treatment or diagnosing. We use the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment to see how you are uniquely created to see the world and make small changes that will impact your life and relationship in significant ways. All sessions are completed online.

Best for: 

  • Those who feel stuck in reaching personal goals
  • Discovering your sense of purpose & identity (perfect for military and first responder spouses!),
  • Leadership/career development 

Couples/Family Coaching

  • Looking to find new ways to communicate better and reduce conflict?  We use a strengths-based approach to couples work which means we aren’t digging into your childhood or diagnosing.  We focus on helping you and your partner discover how are uniquely talented, how you complement each other more than contrast, and then help you see each other with new eyes. All sessions are completed online.  

This approach has been proven to:

  • Increase communication
  • Decrease conflict
  • Increase intimacy and teamwork
  • Encourage parenting as a team
  • Help teens communicate their needs
  • Help teens vision future career direction
  • Boost individual and relationship confidence
See our Power of Us Program below for a complete package.

"Wrap Around" Programs (COMING SOON!)

We have proven that true healing happens when you combine individualized attention and peer support.  Our “Wrap Around” Programs are designed to help you make the most progress in a shorter amount of time.  Here are just some of the programs coming your way:

Fight Club (see below for more information) Individual coaching sessions + a support group with peers. 

Fight Club for Spouses 

Military, veteran, and first responder spouses.

Fight Club for Girls 

Middle school & high school adolescent military kids.


The Power of Us

A Couple's Strengths Coaching Program

Our newest program walks couples through the journey of discovering their strengths so they can be the powerful team they always envisioned but haven’t been able to achieve on their own.  Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, couples will be paired with one of our strengths-based clinicians that will help them individually understand how they are uniquely talented to relate to others, make decisions, and accomplish tasks. The program includes:

  • 2 Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessments
  • 5 strengths-based coaching sessions 
  • Individual understanding of their results
  • Mapping the “Couple Identity” and application to parenting, teamwork, conflict management, and communication strategies.
  • A “Power of Us” Workbook 
  • A FREE personalized “Power of Us” printable graphic with the couple’s individual strengths.

Wrap Around Program:
Fight Club (COMING SOON!)

The Fight Club program combines individual and group coaching in the most powerful way.  The essence is to teach you how to fight for your own health and wellness- to stand up for and value you and your family.

Fight Club for Spouses

After years of revolving around the military and the service member’s career, spouses are beginning to express their need to find their identity again. 

If you are a military, veteran, or first responder spouse you are invited to join a truly transformative group of other spouses as you fight for yourself, each other, and your marriage. Together, you will find that the service lifestyle is much better when you do it with others beside you.

Fight Club for Girls

In addition to individual therapy, group provides teenage girls the opportunity to be around others who have been through similar struggles and peer pressure.  Unlike the school environment, it offers confidentiality, safety, and accountability for some of the most difficult and hidden issues teenagers face.  During adolescence, peer identity becomes the driving force behind development.  Group provides a place for girls to “take off the mask”, serve one another, and tackle problems that they are all experiencing together.

what can Coaching do for me?

Different from counseling or therapy

Coaching is a faster solution-focused approach to mild to moderate issues in your life. Using a strengths-based approach, coaching can be a positive, confidence building, encouraging experience for you, your marriage or family.

Intimacy & Relationships

Strengths-based coaching helps you see your own talents as well as your spouse's. We believe that you both are trying to bring the best version of yourself to the table- you just can't see it right now. Learn to be better teammates- complementing each other instead of fighting.

Parenting Support

Parenting can cause intense conflict for couples- unless they combine their strengths and become the powerful team they were meant to become. Learn to lean on each other, tag-team, and leverage your strengths in a way your children will hear.

Grief & Loss

Everyone experiences grief in a unique way. Our team has found that when you understand how you uniquely see the world and others through your strengths- you also grieve with those strengths. Beginning moving intentionally through the grief process. Let us show you how.

common questions

Easy!  Simply book a “New Client” Strengths session with one of our military spouse clinicians/coaches.  You will be asked to fill out some initial paperwork and pay for your first session.  That session and all future sessions will include an online meeting link in the confirmation email.  Simply click on that link at the time of your session to join!

Sessions are usually 50 minutes each.  If you would like additional time or longer sessions, please speak with your coach.

Insurance does not reimburse for coaching sessions because coaching is not considered medical care like counseling or therapy. However, some of our partners offer scholarships and funding for those who qualify.

Completely up to you!  Because we serve military and first responder families, we understand that your schedule can change quickly.  We can offer flexibility that works with your lifestyle.  Arrange weekly sessions or spread them out once per month.  Speak with your coach about what is the best fit for you and your family.

Absolutely.  All of our clinicians and coaches have a background of counseling and some provide counseling in certain states.  Therefore, we hold our coaching to the same ethical standards as we do counseling sessions.  Concerned about online platforms?  Talk with your coach about the HIPPA compliant platforms we have access to or one that you feel more comfortable with.

Simply use this link to schedule your appointment.  Once you are established with one of our coaches, they can also provide a unique scheduling link just for them.

Sessions are $100 per session, Gallup Strengths Assessments start at $20 per individual.  If you are interested in going through the strengths as a couple, our new The Power of Us Program, gives you 5 sessions plus all the extras that come with it.  Click here for more information.

Most individuals prefer coaching over counseling in that this is a quick solution-focused approach to life/adjustment issues and does not provide therapeutic treatment or diagnosing. We will be using the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment to see how you are uniquely created to see the world and make small changes that will impact your life and relationship in significant ways. All sessions are completed online.

Best for: Those who feel stuck in reaching personal goals, discovering your sense of purpose & identity (perfect for military and first responder spouses!), leadership/career development, enhancing communication in marriage, changing family and marital patterns, changing the dynamics of your organization or team dynamics, etc.

If you are using the strengths-based approach, we ask that you consider attending at least 3 sessions.  This will help us identify your strengths and make sure you fully understand them as well. After about 3 sessions, we can explore how your strengths are best used in your relationships, career, and in teams (like marriage).

At this time, no.  We have found that online/virtual coaching is not only convenient for our service families, it works across time zones as well.  It is completely normal to feel nervous about a virtual session if you have never had one.  Try one- we believe you will love it!

If you have already take the Strengthsfinder Assessment, please do not take it again. Even if it was years ago.  We we will  answer all of your questions regarding whether your results change over time.  Please contact Gallup if you do not remember your username or password or cannot find your results.


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