Lifegiver Season 2

Fighting for Marriage with Taya Kyle

In this incredibly moving interview, Taya Kyle opens up about her marriage to the love of her life Chris Kyle. Chris was tragically murdered during the filming of American Sniper, forcing Taya to find a way to move forward with the legacy he was building while mourning his loss. Today, Taya continues to carry out that legacy by investing in military and first responder marriages through the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. CKFF offers Date Night Out’s, Revitalization Retreats for couples, Spouse Retreats, and more. During the 2016 Military Spouse Wellness Summit, Taya shared her wisdom about marriage, perspective on military deployments, what she believed Chris needed from her, as well as how faith has played a role in her moving forward. – If you are married… this episode is for you. – If you have lost someone… this episode is for you – If you are going through a difficult season… this episode is for you – If you are wondering where God is…this episode is for you – If you are looking for hope… this episode is for you This extended interview includes additional questions about her faith, her perspective on the Sacred Spaces of her life being made extremely public, and more. For more information on the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation: www.chriskylefrogfoundation.org