In this webinar Matt and I teach on the Insanity Cycle that happens too often in marriage conflict. It was a two hour event, the first hour public and the second a private Q&A over Zoom with registered participants. This digital download will include Part 1: The Insanity Cycle and Part 2: Insanity Cycle Q & A

In the two videos,  Matt and I walk you through why couples find themselves looping sometimes on the same argument- for years. It is common for couples to get into an unhealthy pattern of triggering each other. Getting out of that pattern is the hard part. Once you start triggering each other, it is hard to get out of that downward spiral we call the Insanity Cycle. Are you ready to change the way you and your spouse fight? Are you ready to end the unhealthy patterns and get back to respecting each other?

Some of what we will cover:

  • A walk through the Insanity Cycle and how couples stay stuck in it
  • How a couple tends to include a Pursuer and a Withdrawer
  • How you are both feeling and saying the same thing but not hearing each other
  • How the Pursuer and Withdrawer trigger each other to continue the Insanity Cycle
  • Ways you can stop the Cycle of hurt and destruction in your marriage
  • How you can play the “Maturity Game” speak lifegiving truth to your spouse

In our Q&A, we will answer questions like:

  • How do we avoid the Insanity Cycle altogether?
  • How to proactively avoid an argument when you are already exhausted
  • How introverts and extroverts can communicate better during an argument
  • How to speak truth to your spouse in an argument to de-escalate the emotions