Do you feel like your conflict ends in either you or your spouse exploding?  Or are you the imploding type where you just want to run and hide?  This one hour webinar will be like a “date night” where you will learn some important tips and practical tools for communicating more effectively.  You will learn some of the myths of healthy marriages and unhealthy communication patterns that might be showing up in your relationship.

You will also learn:

  • How to define your communication style to your spouse
  • How to stop resorting to passive aggressive or aggressive behavior in your conflict
  • The keys to implementing time-outs in conflict
  • Learning what assertive “truth speaking” looks and sounds like
  • How men and women communicate feelings differently


Included in this package:

  • A one hour private webinar with Corie Weathers, LPC
  • A “Learning Healthy Assertive Communication in Marriage” PDF Guide


Note: This was a recording of a webinar with a group of service couples.  All personal identifying information or unit information has been edited out.  You will hear couples asking questions that were left in due to them being common questions couples ask or relate to.