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Discover Your Superpowers

Discover your superpowers using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment and change your marriage! What if you truly understood how you are uniquely talents to see the world and felt your spouse saw you as a valuable asset to the team and marriage? That is what a strengths-based approach can do for you. Listen in as I share my tips for how this approach can change how you communicate and solve problems together.

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step one

Order your Gallup Strengths Assessment from Gallup. Choose either:

  • Top 5 Strengths ($20 each), or
  • Your Full 34 Strengths ($50 each)

step 2

Take the Assessment!  Give yourself 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete it. Don’t forget read and share your report with your spouse!

step 3

Get Coaching!  Book a session or grab a discounted package with Corie Weathers to dive deeper into understanding yourself, your marriage, and your superpowers!

step 4

It’s time to grow in your strengths! Check out the resources below to see how knowing your superpowers can impact everything you do!

Checkout the PLaylist

Find quick 5-minute recaps of your strengths & more