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Services through Lifegiver

There are several options when looking for help.

Depending on what you need, there are various levels of care and support for your marriage and family.  Here at Lifegiver, we are focused on connecting you with those that understand your service lifestyle and offer the right approach of care.  Check out the descriptions below to help guide you on your decision.

As a military clinical consultant, I’m able to take my background in clinical counseling and apply it to your situation by shifting the dynamics of your home, office, or event.  

Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC


Same clinical skills, just used in a different way and in a different setting.

Lifegiver Consulting

As a military and first responder clinical consultant, I have worked with service organizations to evaluate program effectiveness, offer key recommendations for making noticeable differences in service families, and work internally as a concierge clinical consultant to teams within the organization. Can be done from anywhere!

Perfect for: Organizations, small businesses that want to increase effectiveness, develop stronger productive teams with leadership development, increase communication, conflict mediation.  Individuals can also benefit from career development and consulting on current circumstances.

Not good for: Couples needing counseling or on-going individual coaching or counseling sessions.

Lifegiver Strengths Coaching

Sometimes you aren’t looking for therapy, a diagnosis, or digging deep into childhood issues or treatment plans.  I offer strengths-based coaching that is quick, solution-focused, and positive.  This is a favorite among service couples and can be done online regardless of location.   Can be done from anywhere!

Most couples benefit here!


Perfect for: Individuals and couples that are seeking help for mild to moderate adjustment issues, marriage check ups,  tweaks in communication, parenting differences, conflict reduction, are open to meeting online, and insurance is not an issue.  Also great to use in conjunction with Lifegiver Consulting for team and individual leadership development.

Not good for: Those dealing with crisis, moderate to severe symptoms, or wanting to use insurance.

Mental Health Counseling

Therapy is perfect for those dealing with moderate to severe symptoms as an individual or couple. Corie offers counseling through her practice Corie Weathers, LLC.

Availability is limited to the following:

  • Texas, Colorado, and Virginia through Online Tele-mental health. 
  • Tricare accepted for the state of Virginia and Texas.

Perfect for: Tricare beneficiaries in Virginia & Texas that want to use their benefits, others that want to file for reimbursement with their insurance company, those with moderate to severe symptoms that need on-going treatment (PTSD, Severe Anxiety/Depression, etc).

Not good for: Organizations, small businesses, career development, those with less severe symptoms that do not want a diagnosis and would prefer a solution-focused approach.

More information on speaking, events & more...

For information on leadership workshops, speaking, emceeing events, and questions regarding working with Corie Weathers directly, please check out www.CorieWeathers.com