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Sharpening Our Senses

“The only thing consistent is the inconsistency”.  A phrase we

Breathing Life Back Into the Blogosphere

Are blogs dead? That’s the question we’ve been asking at

The First Responder Series with Sarah Foster

Lifegiver presents The First Responder Series Sarah Foster, wife of

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BONUS USO Series: Intimacy

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

BONUS USO Series: Parenting as a United Front

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

BONUS USO Series: Holidays Apart

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

S6 Bonus: USO Series Ripping the Band-Aid

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

S6 Bonus: USO Series The Tension Before You Go

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

S5 FINALE: Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

How do you decide when to hold steadfast and persevere? 

S5 E20 The Fear of Transition: Derek Abbey Pt 2

Derek Abbey, PhD joins me again!  I enjoyed my last

S5 EP19 & E20 with Derek Abbey, PhD

S5 E19 Legacy with Derek Abbey, Project Recover Derek Abbey,

S5: Ep18 The Insanity Cycle: Matt and Corie

In this webinar Matt and I teach on the Insanity

BONUS: Anthony O’Neal, College & COVID

It’s a BONUS episode of The Lifegiver Podcast!  We knew

S5 E17 Parenting Series: Corie Talks Raising Teens

It is the end of the Parenting Series on the

S5 Ep16 Parenting Series: Even the Bravest Kids Need a Knight

Sleep issues and separation anxiety are a real thing for

S5 Ep15 Parenting Series: A New Way To Track Your Child’s ‘ESTEEM’

“Few things are as difficult for parents as watching their

S5 Ep 14 Parenting Series: COVID & Public School

What kind of relationship do you have with the public

Communicating Through Crisis

by Mariangela Gordon Communication in marriage is imperative. Marriage is

S5 E 13 Parenting Series: Back to school & COVID

Are you struggling with making a decision about whether your

S5 Ep 12 The PROS & CONS of How The Job Changes Us

I couldn’t be more excited to have Sarah back with

S5E11: Soul Recovery- Brian Flanery from ReBoot

I have been a long time fan of Reboot Recovery–


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S5E10: Tips & Perspective from a NG Spouse (Cierra)

My good friend Cierra joins the podcast to talk about

S5E9: Loss & Love Again with Mary-Anne Rubado Kline

Loss can be a terribly difficult thing to talk about-

S5E8: Kellie Artis with Moving the MILLIE Way

It is PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Season and if

S5E7: Becky Porter with MCEC

When you are a parent, you will do anything for

Bonus: Matt and Corie Join the USO to Answer Your Marriage Questions

The world looks a whole lot different lately.  COVID-19 has

S5E#6: Late-Night Chat with Matt – Mr. Rogers Movie

Corie and her husband Matt, both caregivers, unpack their thoughts

S5E5: Dr. Kendra Lowe

Dr. Kendra Lowe knows the challenges service members face as

Coronavirus Bonus Lifegiver LIVE Episodes

Lifegiver Live: Coronavirus Bonus Episode 1 Matt and I do

You Can’t Stay on the Back Burner Indefinitely

In Season 5 Episode 4 of the Lifegiver podcast, Corie unpacked the

S5E4: Corie Weathers – What’s on the Back Burner?

Join us as we take a moment to assess how

S5E3: Marriage Makes Us All Better

Bree Carroll is an engineer using her skills as an

S5E2: Heather Ehle with Project Sanctuary

What we discuss: In this episode, Heather shares her story

Season 5 Premier: Timing and Tact

Welcome to Season 5!  I can’t believe we are starting

Keep the SPARK in Your Service Marriage

It’s a new year! This is the perfect time to

Who’s Really in Charge? Sunday Special Season 4 Finale

We are celebrating the end of Season 4 with a

Mentoring is BACK: The Power of Face to Face

We are nearing the end of Season 4 with a