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BONUS USO Series: Intimacy

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

BONUS USO Series: Parenting as a United Front

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

BONUS USO Series: Holidays Apart

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

S6 Bonus: USO Series Ripping the Band-Aid

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

S6 Bonus: USO Series The Tension Before You Go

The USO is launching a new virtual series with Corie

S5 FINALE: Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

How do you decide when to hold steadfast and persevere? 

S5 E20 The Fear of Transition: Derek Abbey Pt 2

Derek Abbey, PhD joins me again!  I enjoyed my last

S5 EP19 & E20 with Derek Abbey, PhD

S5 E19 Legacy with Derek Abbey, Project Recover Derek Abbey,

S5: Ep18 The Insanity Cycle: Matt and Corie

In this webinar Matt and I teach on the Insanity

BONUS: Anthony O’Neal, College & COVID

It’s a BONUS episode of The Lifegiver Podcast!  We knew

S5 E17 Parenting Series: Corie Talks Raising Teens

It is the end of the Parenting Series on the

S5 Ep16 Parenting Series: Even the Bravest Kids Need a Knight

Sleep issues and separation anxiety are a real thing for

S5 Ep15 Parenting Series: A New Way To Track Your Child’s ‘ESTEEM’

“Few things are as difficult for parents as watching their

S5 Ep 14 Parenting Series: COVID & Public School

What kind of relationship do you have with the public

Communicating Through Crisis

by Mariangela Gordon Communication in marriage is imperative. Marriage is

S5 E 13 Parenting Series: Back to school & COVID

Are you struggling with making a decision about whether your

S5 Ep 12 The PROS & CONS of How The Job Changes Us

I couldn’t be more excited to have Sarah back with

S5E11: Soul Recovery- Brian Flanery from ReBoot

I have been a long time fan of Reboot Recovery–


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S5E10: Tips & Perspective from a NG Spouse (Cierra)

My good friend Cierra joins the podcast to talk about

S5E9: Loss & Love Again with Mary-Anne Rubado Kline

Loss can be a terribly difficult thing to talk about-

S5E8: Kellie Artis with Moving the MILLIE Way

It is PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Season and if

S5E7: Becky Porter with MCEC

When you are a parent, you will do anything for

Bonus: Matt and Corie Join the USO to Answer Your Marriage Questions

The world looks a whole lot different lately.  COVID-19 has

S5E#6: Late-Night Chat with Matt – Mr. Rogers Movie

Corie and her husband Matt, both caregivers, unpack their thoughts

S5E5: Dr. Kendra Lowe

Dr. Kendra Lowe knows the challenges service members face as

Coronavirus Bonus Lifegiver LIVE Episodes

Lifegiver Live: Coronavirus Bonus Episode 1 Matt and I do

You Can’t Stay on the Back Burner Indefinitely

In Season 5 Episode 4 of the Lifegiver podcast, Corie unpacked the

S5E3: Marriage Makes Us All Better

Bree Carroll is an engineer using her skills as an

S5E2: Heather Ehle with Project Sanctuary

What we discuss: In this episode, Heather shares her story

Season 5 Premier: Timing and Tact

Welcome to Season 5!  I can’t believe we are starting

Keep the SPARK in Your Service Marriage

It’s a new year! This is the perfect time to

Who’s Really in Charge? Sunday Special Season 4 Finale

We are celebrating the end of Season 4 with a

Mentoring is BACK: The Power of Face to Face

We are nearing the end of Season 4 with a

Seeking Counseling: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to take some notes!! This episode is LONG

Spilled Milk (& Kix)

By L.G. McCary   As a military spouse, I hear

The Deployment Countdown with BraveCrates

Becky Hoy from Brave Crates joins the podcast to share