Archived Newsletters

Corie, I played around with this and think I’ve found a simple way to store archived newsletters.

I don’t plan to actually list the 2019 newsletters, I’m just practicing with them. As of now, I have made the November 1, 2019 issue a page. If I could post it live I could then take the link to it and the 11-1-19 text link to that.

Before I do anything other than create drafts I need to know: Do people get an email when a page or post is published? (My blog is set so that everyone who has subscribed gets an email copy of the blog post.) I don’t want that to happen here. I just want to post them silently.

I also don’t want a menu on the website for these…  I figure I could put a small notice in the newsletter near the bottom that simply says, “To read archived newsletters, go to www.life-giver(dot)org/newsletters”

Do you know if there’s a way to silently publish these?

If you want to check out what the November 1, 2019 issue  looks like converted to this page, just for fun (it won’t be one that is actually archived… just using to learn how to do this) it’s saved in PAGE drafts.

2019 Newsletters

  • 1-15-2019
  • 11-15-2019
  • 12-1-2019
  • 12-15-2019

2020 Newsletters

  • 1-1-2020
  • 1-15-2020
  • 2-1-2020
  • 2-15-2020



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