Lifegiver Season 5

BONUS: Anthony O’Neal, College & COVID

It’s a BONUS episode of The Lifegiver Podcast!  We knew wrapping up the parenting series would not be complete without talking about our youth and college age kids. There is a lot of anxiety on returning to college during COVID season and that is on top of the stress families already have about paying for college!

Anthony O’Neal, author, speaker, and Dave Ramsey Personality joins us to talk about how right now could be one of the best times to go back to college debt-free.  Anthony wrote the best-selling book, “Destroy Your Student Loan Debt” and travels the country talking with parents and college students about how they can avoid the mistakes he did.

Listen in as he shares his story, tells you how college is way more affordable than you think, and how you can take advantage of this season to make it more affordable. By the way, Anthony also grew up as a military kid with his father in the Army and understands the stressors of military life!

Find out more about Anthony O’Neal Here: https://www.anthonyoneal.com/

or listen to his show on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/aonealministries

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