Month: April 2020

S5E7: Becky Porter with MCEC

When you are a parent, you will do anything for your child(ren).  As a military family that moves a lot, a lot of thought and stress goes into making sure your child has everything they need to succeed.  Especially when

Bonus: Matt and Corie Join the USO to Answer Your Marriage Questions

The world looks a whole lot different lately.  COVID-19 has the entire world on lockdown (or so it feels).  We are all doing our part to stay at home, some of you have PCS and deployment orders that are delayed. 

S5E#6: Late-Night Chat with Matt – Mr. Rogers Movie

Corie and her husband Matt, both caregivers, unpack their thoughts on the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the life story of Mr. Rogers starring Tom Hanks. The intentionality with which Mr. Rogers focused on the person he was with in

S5E5: Dr. Kendra Lowe

Dr. Kendra Lowe knows the challenges service members face as she is a Veteran herself. When she switched to the civilian life Dr. Kendra was surprised to note that she experienced just as much stress as a spouse as she experienced while