Month: March 2020

Coronavirus Bonus Lifegiver LIVE Episodes

Lifegiver Live: Coronavirus Bonus Episode 1 Matt and I do our first live streaming episode where we talk about the impact of the virus on our community.  We specifically talk about how to handle the tension of being quarantined in

You Can’t Stay on the Back Burner Indefinitely

In Season 5 Episode 4 of the Lifegiver podcast, Corie unpacked the results of the 2019 Blue Star Military Family Survey. She also discussed an all-too-common mentality that many service families live with: Mission first. My place is on the back burner.

S5E4: Corie Weathers – What’s on the Back Burner?

Join us as we take a moment to assess how we as service families are doing and what we can do to influence the change we need in our own lives. The Blue Star Families survey results were recently released

S5E3: Marriage Makes Us All Better

Bree Carroll is an engineer using her skills as an event coordinator and wedding planner. Bree saw some marriages around her fail mostly due to a lack of resources to help them get through the challenges they faced. The resources