Month: October 2019

Who’s Really in Charge? Sunday Special Season 4 Finale

We are celebrating the end of Season 4 with a big question that likely everyone has asked: “Who is really in charge?” Is it man? Is it God? When does God get in involved? Why doesn’t he? Perhaps you are

Mentoring is BACK: The Power of Face to Face

We are nearing the end of Season 4 with a fantastic interview with Vernice Castillo of Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN)! There is no one better to talk about the importance and trend of mentoring than Vernice. In this episode, we

Seeking Counseling: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to take some notes!! This episode is LONG overdue and chock full of so much information. I get asked weekly, “How do I find a clinician?” “What do I search for?” “How will I know if they are

Spilled Milk (& Kix)

By L.G. McCary   As a military spouse, I hear others complain about all the things that go wrong when their spouses are away. ER visits. Plumbing leaks. Car problems. Lost pets. Meteor strikes. But I’m going to complain for