Month: July 2019

Provider Dashboard2

Provider Dashboard Below are service organizations that count on the Lifegiver Directory for referrals or have created opportunities for clinicians like you to get involved, gain CEU’s and more. Did you open a new location? Click “Add a Franchise” If

Forgiveness in Affair Recovery: God’s Design in Marriage

In this Sunday Special, we address the biggest faith question I get during affair recovery, which is how and when do I forgive? Of course this is a difficult question to answer depending on the damage that has been done.

Communicating Through Change/PCS

Join Matt and I on a Saturday afternoon over coffee where we talk about our recent PCS (relocation). We talk about how it affected each of us, our marriage, kids, and ideas for how you can communicate through big changes

My Strategy for Affair Recovery: How to Move from Crisis to Intimacy Again

Betrayal is unfortunately more common than you think- especially in the service culture. In this episode, I share with you the strategy I use to help couples work through affair recovery. There are three phases and couples will certainly stall,

Law of Natural Convergences

by Rebekah Cochell   If I ever become famous, it will not be for my art, or my writing, or any other “work” I do. I am convinced my distinction will be from a scientific law I discovered. And as

Sacred Spaces Book Club

Introducing the Sacred Spaces Book Club !!! No matter where you are, where you have moved to, or where in the world you are serving, you read through Sacred Spaces in a way that will change your life.  More than