Month: April 2019

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Ethan the Strong: A Story of Faith & Courage in the Midst of Loss

This is the second Sunday Special in Season 4 where we have honest conversations around faith in the midst of the service lifestyle. In this episode, I’m introducing you to Jim and Ashley, an Army chaplain couple, who recently went

Facing the Unexpected

by Andrea M Never in my life did I imagine that I would become a military spouse. When I was younger, I thought certain people were made for things like this and I was certainly not one of them. My

Identity & Purpose with Brittany Boccher

I could not be more excited to share my good friend, Brittany Boccher with you. She was the 2017 AFI Military Spouse of the Year and has been traveling the country investing in military spouse by helping them define their

S4 Ep 3 OPSEC: Keeping your Family and Mission Safe

(WATCH or LISTEN to this episode!) Safety and security is more important than ever.  In a time where foreign adversaries are actively targeting and using American social media accounts, we need all the help we can get to keep our