Today is the best day to make wonderful changes in your marriage. There is no doubt that having a healthy marriage is intense work. It takes self- awareness, vulnerability, forgiveness, and a willingness to grow and change. We get the question all the time "Why does it have to be this difficult?" If you have ever heard of the phrase: Iron sharpens iron, there is truth in the idea that healthy conflict and differences in any relationship can make a person stronger, and the relationship incredibly fulfilling.

After 20 years of marriage, Matt and Corie Weathers, both therapists and ministry partners, bring you an entirely FREE marriage study called ENLIVEN. It is based on years of thoughtful counseling experience and therapeutic interventions used with many other couples. ENLIVEN is a vulnerable journey laced with real stories of applying these ideas in their own marriage. 

Our Mission Statement:

ENLIVEN serves as an opportunity to rebalance, refocus, and re-awaken your marriage by identifying imbalance, creating definitive and motivational goals, and discarding weapons of marital destruction (destructive behaviors and thought patterns) that have been causing damage to what was once confident and pure.

Our Vision:

We believe that individuals exist on Biological, Psychological, Sociological and Spiritual continuums. Inattentiveness and/or over-focus in any of these areas can lead to problems in the person and will influence relationship dynamics around them. The union of marriage is two individuals coming together to form a marriage dynamic that also needs attention and balance within these realms.  At any point, a marriage can deteriorate when couples do not attend to and consistently evaluate the healthiness of these four areas.

ENLIVEN: (verb) To give life or spirit to; to revive or animate; To make more lively, cheerful or interesting

Definitively, ENLIVEN implies life. In order for life to thrive, it requires nourishment and patience. Using the metaphor of a life-giving, life-producing tree, we focus on three levels of investment: the branches, the trunk and the root system. In our own life, if we are not rooted in truth, we are rooted in lies- either of which will play itself out in the health of the rest of the tree.

Designed to help any stage of marriage, you will have the choice to approach that topic on any of the three levels based on your comfortability and level of commitment. After a brief reading about the week's topic, introspective questions will begin with self-awareness and move deeper as the levels progress (or head towards the roots).

Connections in Faith *Optional*

Each week we will connect the week's topic to a specific "ENLIVEN Faith".  This will root ENLIVEN topics scripturally.

Believing that all truth comes from our Creator, God, we know that all of our efforts to replace lies with our own understanding will be short-lived if it does not come from the original giver of life. Blogs will be written within the parameters of traditional protestant theology and will be geared towards those who want to go into the deepest form of healing. Our root system is easily affected by disease if the soil is not good soil. So, we plant ourselves in truth, knowing it will give us the most healthy foundation to thrive in.

This is about vision casting for your marriage.  It is not a how-to, a cookie-cutter approach, nor a prescription for your marriage. We are here to shed light on what "could be”, and inspire you to do the things to make it happen.  So let’s START SIMPLY, by SIMPLY STARTING...

Enliven Downloads/Videos

Introduction & FAQ

Week One: Expectations

Week 1

Week Two: Lock the Door

Week 2

Week Three: Dream Big

Week 3

Week Four: Denial vs. Obsession

Week 4

Week Five: Self-Medication

Week 5

Week Six: Words Matter

Week 6

Week Seven: Hide & Seek

Week 7

Week Eight: Community

Week 8

Week Nine: Seclusion

Week 9

Week Ten: Synergy

Week 10

Week Eleven: Push or Pull

Week 11

Week Twelve: The Azimuth Check

Week 12